All Breads

60+ years of artisinal european recipes and fresh ingredients all made by hand for generations.


1 pound packages of sliced bread.


We offer several levels of sourdough thanks to our natural fermentation process.

White Breads

Light, italian style bread.

Vienna Bread

Crisp crust on the exterior, and a soft white interior. 

German Rolls

German: Broetchen.

A delicous crisp crust with soft white interior.

Jewish Rye (Various Sizes)

Our lightest rye bread. Made with or without caraway seeds. Click to select size.

European Rye (Various Sizes)

Our classic sourdough rye bread. Click to select size. 

$4.25 - $6.50
San Fransisco Sourdough Bread

Nice, light sour flavor. Large round loaf perfect for grilled sandwiches.

Whole Wheat Sourdough

A touch of honey highlights the wheat in this light sourdough.


A strong sour flavor for the true sourdough enthusiast.

Flaxseed Bread

A delicious, high fiber bread using flaxseed from Minnesota. 

Harvest Rye Bread

Our recipe with the most grains!

Kolner Sauerteigbrot

This sugar and fat free bread is made with more rye flour than what flour. 

Russian Rye

Perfect for Rueben sandwhiches. Topped with rye flakes for a signature look.

Sunflower Seed Bread

Sunflower seeds give this little loaf a big crunch.

Ten Grain Bread

Ten unique grains make up this bread including sesame seed, cornmeal, and barley flake to name a few. 

Volkornbrot (Various Sizes)

Sourdough pumpernickel high in fiber. Flavorful with a nice crunch on the exterior.

Also known as Brick Bread. Click to select size.

$4.25 - $6.00
Westfalisches Pumpernickle

Sweet, sour and a rich dark color make this our signature pumpernickle.