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#1 Bakery Serving Cleveland & Macedonia, Ohio

Nothing beats the great taste of freshly baked bread and delicious cakes from the leader in baking and catering, Reinecker’s Bakery. Please choose from our endless selection of cakes, bread, pastries, and more!

For over 50 years, we have been using time-honored recipes and authentic techniques to create a range of delicious bread and specialty items that will make you jump for joy.

Time-Honored Tradition
Over 50 years ago, our bakery started with recipes brought to the U.S. by Richard J. Reinecker from his native Germany.

A Master Baker (known as a Baeckermeister in German), Richard used 300-year-old recipes to create the most delicious bread and cakes available. Call us today. We cater events, make the finest wedding cakes, and deliver them!

To all of our customers, we are cutting back on some of the stores we deliver to due to unforeseen circumstances. Once we have a schedule, we will put a page on our website listing the stores and when we deliver there. If you wish to contact us, please email: